Monday, December 10, 2007

Atlantis Rising

This is book 1 of "The Warriors of Poseidon" series by Alyssa Day.

Eleven thousand years ago, before the seas swallowed the Atlantaens, Poseidon assigned a few chosen warriors to act as sentinels for humans in the new world. There was only one rule-desiring them was forbidden. But rules were made to be broken…

When she calls…
Riley Dawson is more than a dedicated Virginia Beach social worker. She's blessed with a mind link that only Atlantaens have been able to access for thousands of years. Being an "empath" may explain her wistful connection to the roiling waves of the ocean, the sanctuary it provides, and the sexual urges that seem to emanate from fathoms below…

He will come.
Conlan, the High Prince of Atlantis, has surfaced on a mission to retrieve Poseidon's stolen Trident. Yet something else has possessed Conlan: the intimate emotions-and desires-of a human. Irresistibly drawn to the uncanny beauty, Conlan soon shares more than his mind. But in the midst of a battle to reclaim Poseidon's power, how long can a forbidden love last between two different souls from two different worlds?

I must say that the thing that grabbed me most about this book was the storyline/plot. Warriors from Atlantis who have lived hundreds of years, Vampires, shapeshifters, an evil goddess and even several appearances by Poseidon. In terms of the world Ms. Day created I have to give her high marks.

Sadly where this book fails is the chemistry and romance between the 2 main characters. In fact I was more interested in the supporting cast and plot than I was the romance. Still its book 1 of what appears to be a very interesting world. I'll definitely be giving the next book try.

Story/Plot: 4/5
Sensuality: 3/5
Characters: 3/5
Overall: 3/5

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