Friday, December 28, 2007

Hurts So Good (Erotica)

Three deliciously sexy stories of sensual healers and their naughty patients....

Gail Faulkner

After years of illness, Lauren is desperate for a reprieve from her stiflingly protective family -- so she joins her best friend Carla for a weekend at her family's ranch. Although Carla warns the cool, collected Lauren about her womanizing cousin Romeo, when Lauren and Romeo first lock eyes, they feel undeniable passion for one another. Romeo knows he can have any women he desires, but now he longs only to care for this sexy little minx -- and has one short weekend to convince her to stay.

Lisa Renee Jones
Hurt So Good

Shy and cautious physical therapist Kelly Marshall is all work and no play. Determined to go to medical school and avoid becoming like her recklessly irresponsible mother, she has always repressed her wildest and most sinful desires. That is, until she meets sexy architect Mark Majors and discovers a deeply sensual side she never knew she had. And when weeks later he appears in her exam room -- needing her healing touch -- she can't help but surrender, once again, to the passion blazing between them.

Sahara Kelly

For fiery redhead Susanna Chalmers, Dylan Sinclair was the handsome muscle-bound guy in high school she could never have. But eleven years later, now a relationship therapist, Susanna sees Dylan in one of her lectures -- and he reminds her of a steamy night after senior prom when he knew he wanted to have his way with her. As a doctor, Susanna knows he isn't relationship material. But as a woman, her extremely aroused body is telling her otherwise.

This is a HOT book. If you're in the mood for hot Alpha males and great sex, then this is the book for you.

Romeo by Gail Faulkner is a nice story about a woman who's been treated with tender hooks all her life because of her illness. She got a heart transplant and now she's met the cowboy of her life. Very touching and definitely hot.

Hurt So Good by Lisa Renee Jones is the weakest story of the lot but even so it deals up a respectable story and under the cover action.

Sizzle by Sahara Kelly is the best and hottest story by far. Imagine catching sight of the high school jock doing the nasty with twins under the bleechers, what's worse is getting off on it. Fast forward 10+ years and meeting said jock again. This time with her sights on you, a fantasy come true that's 3 times as hot.

Story/Plot: 4/5
Sensuality: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Overall: 4.5 / 5

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