Monday, February 11, 2008

Dream Chaser

Dream Chaser by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Hades doesn't often give second chances...Xypher has one month on Earth to redeem himself through one good deed or be condemned to eternal torture in Tarturus. But redemption means little to a demigod who only wants vengeance on the one who caused his downfall.Until one day in a cemetery...Simone Dubois is a medical examiner with a real knack for the job. Those who are wrongfully killed appear to her and help her find the evidence the police need to convict their killers. But when a man appears and tells her that she's more than just a psychic, she's convinced he's insane.Now the fate of the world hangs in her hands...It was bad enough when just the dead relied on her. Now's there's the seductive Dream-Hunter Xypher who needs Simone's help in opening a portal to the Atlantean hell realm to fight insatiable demons. The future of mankind is at stake-and so is her life. The only question now is: Who is the bigger threat: the demons out to kill her, or the man who has left her forever changed?

Ahhhhh... Sherrilyn Kenyon. The Dream-Hunter novels are a spin off from her wildly successful Dark-Hunter series. The difference is that the Dark-Hunter's are the individuals who sold his or her soul to the Greek goddess Artemis for one single act of vengeance after being killed. Afterwards they are bound to protect mankind from the Daimons who want to claim human souls. The Dream-Hunters are about the group of gods who have the ability to walk in the dreams of mortals and gods. Because of a transgresion made by a sole Dream-Hunter long ago, all Dream-Hunters since were cursed by Zeus to feel no emotion. However, they found that they can still experience emotions second hand through the dreams of mortals. As such, some Dream-Hunters go rouge and indulge in this which results in the death of the mortals. And that's the basis of the Dream-Hunters novels.

I'll admit that I didn't know where this series was heading. After 2 books I thought that the well was drying out for the Dream-Hunters. But I was wrong. In Dream Chaser, we meet Xypher and Simone who I fell in love with. Xypher especially is strong and powerful and yet pityful because he's never known love or kindness having been raised with demons and reviled by both demons and gods for being a half-breed. This is an excellent addition to the world that Ms. Kenyon has created.

More importantly, we meet popular characters like Archeron and a new very interesting character called Jaden. Jaden is a entity that draws power from the void of chaos. He's the entity that Demons make pacts with or call for help, and always at a price. In fact I would venture that he's more powerful than most gods. And then we see that he's toutored by an even more powerful being. I shiver with anticipation to read more about Jaden.

I give this book 5/5 for paranormal goodness.

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