Thursday, March 13, 2008

Morning Light

Morning Light by Catherine Anderson

Crusty Clint Harrigan (of the same Harrigan clan as Anderson's Sun Kissed), is, at 37, a Catholic cowboy who's sworn off romance. The arrival of a cute Catholic clairvoyant in his hometown of Crystal Falls, Ore., challenges his resolve and his skepticism. Seer Loni Kendra MacEwen, still a virgin at 31, is shocked when she bumps into Clint at the grocery store. He's the dream cowboy she's had visions of her whole life, and she has recently connected those visions to visions of Trevor, an endangered boy who (along with his protective Saint Bernard) was lost in the Shoshone Wilderness Area after a river accident killed his mom and stepdad, an Oregon senator. Loni tells a resistant Clint he's the only one who can save Trevor, and soon the hunt is on. Though pillow (and saddle) talk threaten to overwhelm the action, veteran romance queen Anderson infuses the plot with all the warm and fuzzy woo-woo of TV's Ghost Whisperer.

I like Catherine Anderson's writing style and with Morning Light I loved the plot and the characters. Yes you hear a but coming up. In this book, there are so many religious references that its like reading a christian novel. Initially, I chalked it up to the the characters being a little pious, I could handle that but then it got way out of hand. The praying before you sleep, the saying of prayers before meals, even in public places. The constant retotic about how her psychic powers were a gift from god and etc etc etc. OMG!!!! I don't know if Catherine Anderson is religious and trying to force her beliefs on her readers. Ms. Anderson, if you want to write about psychic abilities, take the god factor out. Oh and having your characters preach about celibacy but having them give in to temptation isn't passion, its being hypocritical.

Like I said, I did like the plot and characters but the religious overtones that permeated the book later on, killed all semblance of enjoyment.

Overall Rating : 2/5

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