Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Simon Says

Simon Says by Lori Foster
Dakota Dream has been hired by her stepfather, Barnaby, to find Simon Evans, an extreme fighter preparing for a comeback fight with Dean Havoc Conor (introduced in Causing Havoc, 2007), and arrange a meeting. Barnaby claims to be Simon's long-missing birth father. When Dakota shows up at the gym, Simon is instantly attracted to her but rejects her request to see Barnaby. Dakota is desperate because Barnaby is threatening to burn her mother's last letters to her unless she produces Simon. As things heat up between Dakota and Simon, she keeps secrets and he feels betrayed. Foster shapes a fun sequel, thanks to Dakota, an interesting character with a big heart, good head, and checkered past. The second in the series reads reasonably well as a stand-alone, although this sort of plot about lying has been done to death in romances, and there are some flaws. Foster fans, however, will deem all glitches irrelevant. Chelton, Mary K.

Lori Foster's books are light, funny and HOT, those are her trademark signatures. Simon Says is the 2nd book in her SBC fighters series. The first book was Causing Havoc. I loved the character of Simon, he's strong, sexy and so very alpha and meets his match with Dakota Dream, a gal who has spunk written all over her.

Very enjoyable and HOT read. I highly recommend this to all Lori Foster fans and I can't wait for more in the SBC fighters series.

Overall rating : 5/5
Sizzle Factor 4/5

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