Thursday, September 11, 2008


Blush by Opal Carew

Hanna Lane wishes she could shed her inhibitions and unleash her wild side in the bedroom. When she meets J. M.--a Kama Sutra and Tantra master--they embark on a sizzling path of discovery, exploring the ancient sensual arts and discovering new techniques that allow Hanna to unlock her naughtiest fantasies and make them a red-hot reality. But when Hanna’s exboyfriend Grey re-enters her life determined to win her back, Hanna longs to share herself with both men. But can she tell J.M. and Grey her most taboo fantasy? And who will win her for keeps?

To my knowledge this is Opal Carew's 2nd novel but after reading her first book, I knew I had to get this one. Make no mistake that despite a storyline this is definitely an Erotica book. Heavy emphasis on the bedroom scenes, although most of the naughty scenes don't occur in the bedroom.

Essentially Hanna, had a great boyfriend but also a big problem, She can't achieve an orgasm. This leads to a break up with her current boyfriend. She then meets a new very sexy guy and ... achieves orgasms. Back comes the old boyfriend who still loves her and wants her back, and we discover he didn't break up with her because of her problem. 2 very hot men and a very satisfied lady, how does a gal choose?

A must buy for all erotica fans, rated 5/5.

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