Thursday, September 11, 2008

Return to Summerhouse

Return to Summerhouse by Jude Derverux

Magic most definitely resides in the Maine summerhouse where the mysterious Madame Zoya has granted the innermost wishes of its visitors. Now, three women have come to this special place with one thing in common: a painful past they would each like to rewrite. Amy, who hides a heartbreaking loss behind her seemingly perfect marriage and family...Faith, a widow in her thirties whose deepest grief is for a man from years ago...and Zoë, an artist shunned by her hometown for reasons she doesn't know, after a traumatic night erased her memory. With their mystical powers, Madame Zoya and her sister Primrose are about to transport the trio to eighteenth-century England to alter Amy's ancestry. But although surprises await each of them, will stepping back in time bring the women the happy endings they seek?

I didn't read the first book Summerhouse but this is a Jude Derverux book and I do like her books, her writing style is easy, accessible and fun. This didn't read like a squeal but as a stand alone book.

Its about Amy who seems to have the perfect marriage but after a miscarriage seems to be in a downward spiral. Circumstances lead her to agree to stay at a Summerhouse for a week and enter Zoë and Faith, 2 other troubled women.

They are offered a one time trip to the past and fix an event in their lives which will carry over into their current lives. There's disbelief and finally acceptance and so they all go on the adventure. I won't give anything else away expect to say that its an enjoyable read and quite satisfying.

I give this a 4.5/5

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