Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Wedding Challenge

The Wedding Challenge by Candace Camp
Lady Calandra should have suitors beating down her door. But her overprotective brother, the Duke of Rochford, has managed to scare off every suitable gentleman. Every man except the mysterious Earl of Bromwell, that is. Callie finds herself drawn to the enigmatic earl, despite her brother's almost violent protestations.

In defiance of her brother's wishes, Callie devises a plan to see Bromwell again, enlisting the help of matchmaker Francesca Haughston. But when shadowy secrets about the duke and the earl come to light, it may be too late for Callie to see that she's walked straight into a trap.…

I believe that this is the third book in the Matchmakers series by Candace Camp. The Matchmakers series revolves around Lady Francesca, a widow whose husband died leaving her almost nothing. To survive she plays matchmaker and in return people gift her with token of their esteem (jewelery) and she pawns them to pay the bills. And its obvious that she and the Duke of Rochford are meant to be together but... they never have.

Ms. Camp has a talent for writing beautiful historical romances, and this book was a delight. It deals with the Duke of Rochford sister and the earl of Bromwell who hates the Duke, after all its rumored that the Earl's sister was the Duke's mistress at one point. But things are not always as they seem.

A highly enjoyable read, but even more important is that the next book is FINALLY about Lady Francesca and the Duke of Rochford!

A give this book a 5/5

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