Saturday, October 11, 2008

Witchy Business

Witchy Business Under His Spell\Disenchanted?\Spirit Dance
Witchy Business collects three Witch paranormal romances, these stories are connected by a clinic for disfunctional witches, who have either lost or not gained their powers due to love denied, love repressed or love rejected.

The first story, "Under His Spell", by Julie Leto was my least favorite of the bunch. Witch Regina St. Lyon and witch hunter Brock Aegis have a history. He romanced her and then tried to kill her, and she got even by banishing him to hell. Now he's back and he claims he was given a chance at redemption but only if he can keep Regina alive as the head witch hunter is out to get her. Since we jump into an established relationship there is no buildup and no time to get to know Regina and Brock. Regina quickly overcomes her distrust in the name of lust and Brock consequently is just the shadow of a character and not well fleshed out, so it is hard to care too much about what happens to these two.

"Disenchanted?" by Rhonda Nelson is much better. We get a real feel for Benedict DeWin the only powerless member of a famous witch family and Bryony Flynn also a witch misfit who has been banished by her family to avoid messing up the arranged-since-birth marriage of her sister - to guess who, Ben. This pair has an attraction that sizzles and they may just find that the magic of love is a cure to all their problems - except for the fiance one.

The last story, "Spirit Dance", by Mia Zachary. Has hereditary witch Siobhan Silverhawk heir to great powers - with Celtic witches on one side and Dine medicine women on the other - but she too has yet to come into her powers. Pilot J. B. Pendleton doesn't believe in the hocus pocus stuff, but finds himself under Siobhan's spell. Only the ghost of his dead wife is determined to keep what's hers, so Sioban better watch out. Both Siobhan's and J.B's growing desire for each other is done very effectively and I liked the scenes where Siobhan is performing the Dine ceremonies. You may recognized these if you've read any of Linda Conrad's Shadow Warrior series.

An ok book, of the 3 stories, Under His Spell, by Julie Leto was the best and the other 2 were so so.

Overall I'd rate this one a 3/5

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