Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Frenchman's Marriage Demand

The Frenchman's Marriage Demand by Chantelle Shaw
This is what I classify as a RedBook. I refer to all such series (eg. Harlequin Blaze, Silhouette Desire, Harlequin Intrigue and other monthly series books as RedBooks. They are cheaper, shorter and not books in and off themselves, but short reads.
Two years ago, Freya Addison fell for sexy billionaire Zac Deverell. He gave her everything money could buy, and more pleasure in the bedroom than she'd thought possible. But when Freya announced she was pregnant, Zac threw her out.

Now she'll become his wife!

When they meet again, the passion between them is as strong as ever. Zac whisks Freya away to Monaco and back to his bed, where he'll get his answers! If the baby is his, he'll make Freya his wife….

Amazon has a short excerpt.

I liked the premise but Freya is a complete doorstep. For about 3/4 of the book you just want to smack her and say grow a backbone and buy your self a vibrator. Seriously, the minute she see's Zac Deverell, she basically get's so hot and bothered she can't think. And no matter how badly he treats her she forgives him.

If you can over look that little character flaw, its an ok read.

Story/Plot: 3/5
Sensuality: 3/5
Characters: 2/5
Overall: 2/5

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