Friday, January 4, 2008

Too Much Temptation

Too Much Temptation by Lori Foster
Virginal and voluptuous, Grace Jenkins has secretly loved and lusted after handsome Noah Harper for three years but he was engaged and, therefore, off-limits. Then Noah walks in on his bride-to-be with another man and abruptly breaks off the engagement, refusing to explain the reason for the canceled wedding to his family. His grandmother and his fiancée's family are outraged. Grace rushes to defend him and is stunned when Noah responds by taking her straight to bed. She thinks this is only mutual lust and decides to enjoy the excitement for as long as it lasts while Noah quickly discovers that what he feels for Grace is much more complicated than simple lust. But convincing Grace is another matter entirely--she refuses to see herself as a permanent part of his life. Meanwhile, Noah's ex-fiancée is stirring up trouble with his autocratic grandmother and before she's done, Noah will have to reevaluate his relationship with his grandmother, Grace will have a whole new self-image, and both will face major upheaval in their careers and personal lives.

Author Lori Foster has a reputation for warm, engaging characters combined with sizzling sexual tension and Too Much Temptation has plenty of both. The dominant theme in this novel, however, is that of a woman's sexual awakening and Foster traverses this tricky ground with deft skill.

I love Lori Foster's books, she's on my confirmed buy list. The cover above is actually a reprint, the book was originally released in 2002 (see the original cover below). I hate it when publishers do that, but I did enjoy rereading this book.

I loved this book from start to finish and the sensuality factor was amazing like most Lori Foster books are. I highly recommend this book.

Overall: 5/5

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