Monday, January 28, 2008

Someone to Love

Three years after wealthy Jace Montgomery's fiancée, Stacy, committed suicide, he discovers a postcard of Priory House, a British estate, with an enigmatic love note. Although Stacy's family blamed Jace, saying she wanted to end the engagement, he knows their love was mutual, and has never believed it was suicide. Certain that Priory House holds the key, he buys the estate. He detests the rambling house on sight; however, he is intrigued by the Victorian ghost of Ann Stuart because, like Stacy, she supposedly committed suicide before her wedding to escape from marrying her intended groom. Jace knows that if he can untangle Ann's mystery, he can find out what really happened to Stacy. He gets help from his beautiful next-door neighbor, Nigh Smythe, a war correspondent on leave after a tragedy.

I got this book mostly because I love the Montgomery novels that Jude Deveraux writes. In case you're wondering, the Montgomery's are a family that Jude sometimes writes about stretching from historical romances to present day.

Unfortunately this novel does not work. The book builds up the ghost aspect of the plot and never delivers. What's even worse, the heroine doesn't even appear in the book till almost 1/2 way through the book. The result of which is that the reader assumes the female ghost will somehow become the heroine. I didn't feel any connection with either the plot or any chemistry between the 2 main characters, and it was a chore to plod through the whole book.

Overall: 2/5

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