Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mark Stone: Secret Agent

In the shadowy world of international espionage, there exists one man who stands between the western civilization and the dark forces that threaten to destroy it. A man with drop-dead looks and come-to-bed eyes, whose weapon is always loaded and who knows exactly where and when to use it. A man whose existance is denied by the British Intelligence, but who is always called upon first wherever trouble looms. A man who secretly protects his Queen and country from disaster, and whose services are immediately enlisted when the famous Germaan chemist, Heinz Kriechbaum, is kidnapped by the revolutionary "Crimson Army", threatening the entire world with chemical annihilation. That man is: Mark Stone: Secret Agent.

Mark Stone: Secret Agent by Marc Holland

I bought this book with one main reason, because it sounded fun, a gay 007 with tons of sex. The sex part was delivered but aside from that, I'm sad to say the plot was ... a string of sexual encounters with a flimsy plot tying the whole thing together.

Its hot but buy it knowing that the plot is very very weak.

Overall Rating : 3/5
Sizzle Factor: 4.5/5

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