Sunday, May 25, 2008

Now Alex pens his first novel, taking his blog fans back to his "early" days in college and discovering how he became the hot gay stud he is today!

With so many memories and fantasies still lingering from college, Alex gears up for a satisfying trip down cock memory lane. With his friends Lizzie and Tommy, he wants to find out who got married, who came out, and of course, get some tail while he's at it...

The adventures begin when Alex sees his old flame with a new boytoy--and hooks up with both of them. But where there's history, there's complication, and Alex's never-ending pursuit for great cock takes him on a no-holds barred journey of guy-swapping, seducing straight dudes, mind-blowing orgies, and marathon-sex sessions that only rev him up for his next wild encounter...

The Great Cock Hunt by Alex

The cover is awesome, the title is enticing, what about the actual book? I would say that its decent. Its got more of a solid plot line that Mark Stone: Secret Agent and reads a little like a blog because that's where the author started out from.

Overall an interesting read and hot. I would say its an interesting experiment in novel writing.

Overall Rating : 3.5/5
Sizzle Factor: 4/5

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