Sunday, May 25, 2008


Rent-A-Stud By Lynn LaFleur It isn't Jade Talmage's idea to accept her daughter's offer to hire an escort for the hospital gala. But the absence of her brother Paul—her usual companion—leaves her with no choice. Enter Zachary Cooper, one-third owner of Coopers' Companions, a professional escort company. Despite his good looks and sex appeal that make her hormones scream, Jade has no intention of being the next in a long line of the rent-a-stud's conquests. A weekend of mind-blowing sex has Jade's heart crumbling. Zach is exactly the type of man she wants in her life. Yet she's sure a relationship with a man ten years her junior would lead to nothing but heartache. Zach doesn't care that Jade is older than he. He wants a lifetime with the woman he's fallen for so desperately. All he has to do is convince Jade that he's much more than a rent-a-stud…he's the man who loves her.

Rent-a-Stud by Lynn LaFleur

An older woman with a younger man, this is a very hot book, and believable. The premise, the storytelling excellent. A must read.

Overall Rating : 5/5
Sizzle Factor: 5/5

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