Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bedding The Baron

In the first in a dazzling new trilogy, Deborah Raleigh introduces three unforgettable heroes united by a friendship closer than brotherhood, a mysterious legacy, and a talent for seduction that no woman can resist...

Only the most damnable curiosity could compel Fredrick Smith to seek the truth about the father who abandoned him. And only a torrential storm could force him to stop at an inn en route. But what a treasure he finds there--a raven-haired beauty whose drab attire can't disguise her latent sensuality. And soon Fredrick's most pressing need is to melt Mrs. Portia Walker's icy reserve, and make her smile, sigh, and cry out with pleasure...

From the moment Fredrick enters Portia's inn--wet clothes clinging to sleek muscles, angelic features, shimmering gray eyes--she is vibrantly aware of the danger he presents. Portia was almost ruined once, and swore that no man would control her destiny again. But vows are no match for a desire that could be pure folly--or the most exquisite bliss...
Bedding The Baron by Deborah Raleigh

The concept for this book was interesting. 3 bastards (of nobility) were raised by a schoolmaster, and upon his death they inherit 20,000 pounds each. They also find out that this money was blackmailed from their respective fathers. Then starts their investigations as to what secrets their fathers are hiding, them facing their pasts, and eventually finding love.

Of the 3 bastards, Fredrick is the "geek". He's an inventor more than a lady's man, but because of his inventions has amassed a huge fortune. I was surprised at how much fun his journey with Portia was, and if he's the "weakest link" of the 3, then I can't wait for Ms. Raleigh's telling of the other 2 gentlemen.

Overall: 4/5

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