Tuesday, April 1, 2008


James and Bram are back in this sequel to the bestselling A Bit of Rough! They've been dating a while now, but James is still unsure about his feelings for Bram. He's rushed into things before, and it's always backfired on him, so James wants to take it slow. Bram is so forceful, though, so sexy and convincing that it's hard to stand fast against him. In fact, Bram is the one steady thing in James' life, when everything else seems to be shifting like sand under his feet. His job is getting stressful, his apartment is getting dangerous, and James knows he's teetering on the brink of change, but is unsure what to choose. When a project at work seems to have fallen under Bram's influence through the old boy network, James decides to back off and tell Bram they have to cool down their heated relationship. Bram is willing to accommodate James.to a point. But what happens when self-assured Bram has had enough of James' insecurity? Taking up where A Bit of Rough left off, Roughhousing opens up Bram and James' relationship, following along as they become a real couple, and face the troubles that come from trying to blend two lives and two independent personalities. Their need for each other burns as hot as ever, but will that be enough to build a life on?
Roughhousing - Laura Baumbach

This is the continuation of the book "A Bit of Rough" and James and Bram are still as wonderful as ever. If you have not read "A Bit of Rough" but enjoy m/m romance, I highly recommended it. Of course it also helps that there are numerous and extremely hot bedroom scenes. I cannot recommend it enough, Laura is a wizard at developing her characters emotionally and make you just lap it all up.

Overall Rating : 5/5
Sizzle Factor: 5/5

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