Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Secrets and Misdemeanors

When having to hide your love is a crime. . . After losing his wife to his best friend and former law partner, David Thornton couldn't imagine finding love again. With his divorce behind him, he wanted only to focus on his job and two children. But then something happened, making David realize that despite believing he had everything he needed, there was someone he desperately wanted-Lyle Wilson. Young and determined, Lyle arrived in Los Angeles without a penny in his pocket. Before long, however, the sexy construction worker nailed a job remodeling the old office building that held the prestigious Thornton Law Firm. Little did Lyle realize when he gazed upon the handsome and successful David Thornton for the first time that a door would be opened that neither man could close. Will the two men succumb to the tangled web of societal pressures placed before them, hiding who they are and whom they love? Or will they reveal the truth and set themselves free?
Secrets and Misdemeanors - G. A. Hauser

Another wonderful M/M erotic romance. G. A. Hauser is another big name in M/M romance and with good reason. Both the characters of David and Lyle are very well developed and you can literally picture the book in your mind. This is another must read i you like M/M romance.

Overall Rating : 5/5
Sizzle Factor 4/5

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