Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Every Frat Boy Wants It

At eighteen, Jeff Morgan is the quintessential all-American boy--blond, blue-eyed, and a star jock at his small Kansas high school. Enrolling at California State University-Polk, Jeff plans to become a writer. He also hopes that the macho nature of fraternity life will help him get over his lifelong attraction to other men. The reality couldn't be more different...

Through Blair Blanchard, the drama major son of divorced movie stars, Jeff discovers the Beta Kappa fraternity, and enters a world where alcohol and drugs serve as an excuse for covert trysts between frat brothers...where the pledging process becomes a sensual, S&M-fueled bacchanal...where weekends in L.A. and Palm Springs are no-holds-barred adventures in sexual exploration...and where Spring Break is a boys-gone-wild porn movie come to life. Through every encounter, from intense couplings with older frat brothers to sizzling three-ways with hot new pledges, Jeff also deals with his increasingly complex feelings--for Blair, for a handsome new arrival, and for life within Beta Kappa itself.
Every Frat Boy Wants It by Todd Gregory

I won't lie, this book is a guilty pleasure. In a word its all about Jeff Morgan, a boy from a the mid-west and his first year at college. He meets up with Blair Blanchard, pledges to a frathouse, has gobs of sex, drugs, and booze with several members of the house and finally falls in love.

OK, the book isn't quite as sleazy as my summary makes it out to be. Its a fast read, pretty brainless and somehow has a unique charm that makes you liek Jeff and root for him and Blair. Of course it does help that the sex is hot. Highly recommended for a sinful weekend read.

Oh and a must watch for Todd Gregory if you like M/M novels.

Overall: 4.5/5
Sizzle: 4/5

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